The Lexique journal was created in 1982 by Danièle Corbin and Anne-Marie Berthonneau, both members of the SILEX ("Syntax, Interpretation, LEXique") research unit. Since the merger of SILEX with two other research units in 2006, it has been supported by the UMR 8163 (Mixt Research Unit) "Savoirs, Textes, Langage" (STL), National Scientific Council (CNRS), and University of Lille.

The purpose of the journal is to study the lexicon, both in and of itself and as a crossroads of other linguistic fields. It is intended for researchers and practitioners in language sciences, for specialists and professionals in the publishing and language industries, teachers and students.

After ceasing publication in print format in 2015 (ISSN: 0756-7138), Lexique resumed publication, in open access and exclusively online (ISSN: 2804-7397), from December 2018. Some paper issues are still available on the “Presses Universitaires du Septentrion” website, where they were previously sold. (

Since 2018, Lexique has appeared at the rate of two publications per year (a thematic issue and a varia). It welcomes only original research. In addition to “classic” articles, there is a place for “response” articles, whether solicited or not.

Lexique accepts work in French or English; for thematic issues, other languages may be accepted.

Keywords : Lexicon, Language sciences, Lexicography